Business Plans for Artists

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Business Plan For Artists 1 Day Training with Valerie Landsburg

Date:  Sunday, January 13th

Time:  9:30a-5:30p   (bring lunch)

Location:  Slingerlands, NY

Cost: $99  Discount NEFL only: $75

Business Plan For Artists 1 Day Training with Valerie Landsburg

How is your business going? Is it exciting? Is it inspiring you? Is it supporting you in the ways that you need it to? Do you have a vision that you work with every day? Do you see yourself as a thriving enterprise?Do you walk around with a comprehensive idea of the nuts and bolts needed to support and achieve your goals? What does success mean to you? In your heart, what do you want to see happen?

The missing piece may be a Business Plan.

Why Me, Valerie?

Somewhere between 1996 and 2001 activity had really slowed down in many areas of my career in the entertainment industry.  The industry had changed in so many ways and I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay in that world. It was suggested that I needed a business plan. I am the product of a complete lack of formal education and even the thought of a business plan offended me as an artist.Really, though…it frightened me.

Why This?

When the student is ready, or in my case, out of options, the teacher arrives. Mine did in the form of a large dot com company that had bellied up, leaving its C.F.O, available to be the boy scout leader of my son’s den and my business mentor. Six weeks later, after a lot of tears and work, I walked into a large management company meeting with six copies of a business plan for myself as an Actor, Writer and Director under my arm and handed them out.

Why Now?

I started teaching this to a group of actresses and that grew to artists of all kinds into anyone who didn’t ever want to make a business plan. I teach because this has been an indispensable tool for me. I love teaching this because I see the amazing results in others.

A Business Plan

1. Lets you explore the unlimited expanse of any idea.

2. Lets you know where you need more information.

3. Lets others participate in the cultivation of your ideas, your process and more.

4. Lets people know you have thought a lot about what you are doing.

Business Plans are living, breathing documents that are always being updated to reflect the movements of the goal. We cut off the dead branches and we plant new seeds and cultivate them. We publish versions tailored to the audience who will receive them. We keep them close, where we can see them. I use the simple format that Dan gave me.

I create documents that can stand alone, or be infused into any other form needed, to allow others to look inside your brain and share your vision.Clarity is the handmaiden of humility. Humility opens the door to the kind of self honesty you need to make all your dreams come true.Join me for a hands-on experience, creating a map for your journey. Everyone at the table becomes an integral part of the process for others.

The work that comes out of this is seldom less than revelatory for all of us.Even if you never write out a plan, most people find by the end of the day, there is a big shift in perspective.

FAQ    Can I make a business plan for anything?   Yes. Everything from a movie, a record, a book, a career as a lion tamer, or finding the love of your life. A business plan helps you learn who you are in the middle of what you hope to achieve.

Can I arrive with an existing Business Plan to work with? Yes.  You will leave with a clearer map and questions both answered and proposed that will bring you closer to fruition.

Do we sign Non-Disclosures?  Many projects are being shared across the table. No. There has always been an understanding at the table that no one walks away with anyone else’s work. If you feel you must have an NDA to be able to work on your plan in the workshop. Bring 11 copies of a simple one page version.

Can I work with you One on One? Yes. You can work with me by phone or video calling at the rate $100 per hour and I am happy to do 30 min sessions as well. Other kinds of arrangements can be made for in person or ongoing sessions.

Do you have examples of plans using this form?  Yes, and I will share them with you during the workshop.

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This workshop is brilliantly taught by Valerie and addresses important underlying issues that are pertinent to any business or project. In fact, I feel, for me, the class was one of those life defining moments we have from time to time that provide insights and perspectives to life’s issues outside of business. I highly recommend her class.

Paul Marks – Rodeo Realty

In one day, I managed to get down on paper the essence of the business I had been thinking about for the previous year. The opening exercise in particular helped free me of pre-conceptions of what I wanted to do.  I’ve already revised the work I did in your seminar andhave a clear list of my next moves.  Thank you, Valerie.

Dave Voda – Filmaker

I never write this, but I think it’s the thing- OMG!!!!!!  Thank you, you are a true gift!! You know how at sea we can feel as one of so many actors, as independent contractors, etc. This is so fabulous.

Tessa Auberjonois – Actress

I always thought business plans were for millionaire CEOs and website startups. I always thought the value of a business plan was to have something to hand investors when you’re trying to raise money for a business. As an actor, I never saw any reason to have a business plan. I mean who’s going to invest in my acting career?  Well, I realized no one if I don’t look at it as a business and since you’ve helped me do that, my acting career has gained some serious momentum. And it’s largely in part because now I have a “plan”.

Jon Brown- Actor, Writer, Producer

Valerie, I am 300% better off because I have the business plan that I developed as a outcome of your workshop. Even with the economy in tatters, the business plan has kept me on track and I’m achieving many of my goals.  In the past, I would have spent my unemployed time freaking out about being unemployed, but this time around I’m able to look for work and get a bunch of other stuff done too. I can’t recommend your workshop more highly.

Carole Real – Writer

Valerie helped me see more clearly where I wanted to go and allowed me to build a roadmap for getting there. I learned more how to talk “business speak” so that I could communicate better with the money guys. She’s fantastic!

Peter Bedard – MA, CHt.  MA Consciousness Studies and Certified Hypnotherapist

As a psychotherapist, I have found myself feeling shy about declaring I’m running a business. Somewhere along the line, I got the message that in helping people, I should be altruistic and provide my time for free.  Additionally, I thought if my business was “meant to be,” that it would happen and that marketing was something people did who were selling “product,” not something in the healing arts.

Valerie enabled me to see that my business deserves to be “visible.” To be visible, I must be willing to be clear on what I am offering and to market that service Additionally, I found her business plan workshop follow-up groups and coaching to be helpful when I had gotten rebellious or foggy on what to do next. I was able to regain my sense of purpose and the motivation to continue developing the plan.  I can recommend Valerie’s Business Plan Workshops with great enthusiasm

Deborah Sweet – Psy.D.  Psychotherapy, Addiction & Trauma Recovery, EMDR & Somatic Experiencing Clarity. Focus. Possibilities. Valerie’s great sense of humor and warmth take material that could be overwhelming, not to mention ferociously dull and transform that material into tools that are fun, easy to use and inspiring.

Samantha Bennett

Before I took Valerie’s workshop, the thought of working through a business plan was like a huge monster on my shoulders. Valerie took me through the process in a fun and inspiring way that really took the mystery out of something I’d been in the dark about for a long time.  I highly recommend this class!

Tasha Hardy – Writer/producer

I’ve been a professional musician for almost twenty years. Though I’ve had success here and there, but the workshop was the key that kicked my career into high gear. Valerie helped me put together a business proposal to get investors for my new album. Not only did that get me the funds I needed, but now I have people coming out of the woodwork to help me. It’s been a domino effect that has made me a believer in the law of attraction… and Valerie’s business plan.

Michael Mulder – Musician – Songwriter – Producer

I had no idea what I was getting into. I probably couldn’t have shown up if I known. This workshop completely demystified the process and took most of the terror out of the experience. Valerie very gently and kindly walked each of us through, encouraging without a hint of judgment. I highly highly recommend it for anyone.

Mackie Osborne Graphic Design

© 2005 Business Plans for Artists and Others   All Materials cannot be used without permission.