Scared To Debt

The US Government set up a system of greed that is sending students, parents and colleges over the cliff.   HR 2366: Scared to Debt is a documentary in-progress about the predatory lending system designed to indenture millions of Americans.   “The federal government hasn’t just walked away from the fight on behalf of borrowers,” says Seth Frotman, “It is actually arming the other side.”  You may recall three months ago, Mr. Frotman resigned as the student loan ombudsman at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and goes on to say, “There is no calvary on the horizon.”


Tom Borgers

Perhaps you’ve been referred to this page by our executive producer, TOM BORGERS, who was tasked by a U.S. Congressional commission to investigate the causes of the mortgage financial crisis and found repeated examples of fraud.

After interviewing a dozen key scholars across the U.S. from a New York Times whistle blower, to Sallie Mae insider to Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi, our task now is to form the calvary needed to edit materials and complete this story in 2019.  Please watch our short overview and make a donation further below.

The story’s main subject, Alan Collinge of Student Loan Justice and filmmaker Mike Camoin have work-shopped this documentary project in the Northeast Filmmakers Lab hosted annually by the Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange, Inc (CCCE’s), a federal 501(c)3 not-for-profit.

CCCE is proud to serve as this project’s fiscal sponsor offering donors and foundations a charitable status and federal tax-deductible write-off.   CCCE retains a 5% administrative fee for all donations.  Varying levels of donations can result in additional benefits (see below) which are the sole-responsibility of the filmmakers.


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