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Benedict Arnold was a great champion of the cause for American Independence … until his country betrayed him.

Genre:  Documentary, 2 hrs
Status:  Post-Production,  alum
Filmmakers present:  Thomas MercerAnthony Vertucci 


A recent college grad from the city goes on a date with a brooding dropout from the backwoods.

Filmmaker: Steve Cifarelli
Genre: Short Film
Status: Post-Production

HELL’s ACRES                                                                         
In 1853, a reclusive horse farmer acts as a spy to help capture a gang of murderous horse thieves, during the frenzy of the world’s first heavyweight boxing championship match.  Based on true events.
Genre:  Feature Film                                                                 
Status:  Screenplay                                                                         
Sizzle reel: available upon request
Filmmakers present: Rich Rosenzweig, Steve Rosenzweig

THE HAWK:  The untold story of Ben Hogan.

“If you can’t out play them, I’ll out work them.”
Filmmaker: John Bradley, Windjammer Productions, alum
Writer:  Luke Scala, PGA Golf Pro

Genre:  Bio-Pic / Drama
Status:  Screenplay, Development

LAS MINAS DE ALTAR (The Mines of Altar)                                                      

A Mestizo man brings a captured fugitive to the Indigenous village where her crime was committed. As her case is brought before the tribe’s curandera, village secrets come to light exposing his fragile grasp of truth and justice.

Filmmaker: Jon Ayon
Genre: Narrative Drama
Status:  Feature Screenplay in Development

LOOSE WIRE:  The Man Who Sparked It All

A Johns Hopkins grad sets his sights on Hollywood, yet his dreams for Tinsel Town are interrupted by WWII.  Lewis Swyer returns home, injured, to upstate New York where he formulates a plan in construction and launches a renaissance in the arts.
Producer: Carol Swyer, alum

Filmmaker:  Mike Camoin, alum
Genre: Documentary
Status:  Development

TERMINUS ALARM                                                                     

While friends and family decorate the church on the eve of their wedding, Melanie and Aaron’s world rapidly falls apart.  Their devotion to each other is tested as a major hack of all systems erupts.  Hidden personal prejudices and cultural animosity challenge their very survival.  More science fact than fiction, TERMINUS ALARM is a glimpse into potential pending doom in the age of Trump.

Filmmakers: Tracy and Jon Cring
Genre: Narrative Screenplay
Status:  Story in Development



Jews escaping pogroms in the Pale become farmers in a new Promised Land, Upstate N.Y.

Filmmaker: Howard Garbarsky
Genre: Documentary
Status: Pre-Production

A harmless game of hide-n-seek goes an frighteningly wrong.
Filmmaker: John Romeo
Genre: Short Film
Status: Post-production

Orson Welles sets out to produce an all black cast of MacBeth set in the underworld of Harlem yet first the director must break the shadowy spell hanging over the production

Filmmaker: Susan Robbins (Lee’s 88 Keys), alum

Genre: Narrative Feature
Status: Screenplay (development)

SCARED TO DEBT:  America’s Student Loan Scam
The US Government set up a system of greed that is sending students, parents and colleges over the cliff.  Alan Collinge (60 Minutes, Rolling Stone, NY Times) is the whistle blower seeking to restore consumer protections removed from federal loans and protect another generation from a lifetime of indentured servitude.
Genre:  Documentary
Status:  Development
Filmmakers present:  Mike Camoin, Alan Collinge (StudentLoanJustice.Org)

An intimate chronicle of resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock, the film bears witness from the first week of September 2016 to forced evacuation on February 23rd, 2017, focusing on three indigenous women who play central roles – the tribal leader, the tribal archaeologist, the young camp activist. Historical context and treaties are central themes. Framed by current American politics, Standing Rock becomes both a warning and an inspiration as this country moves into uncharted territory.

Filmmaker: Gwendolyn Cates, alum
Genre: Documentary
Status: Completed, Seeking distribution  Teaser


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