Lab Fellows & Projects

#NEFL5  is now complete with shorts, features and documentaries in various stages of development.  Below find new and returning lab fellows to the 5th edition.



A town searches for a girl who ran off in the night, but the only one who can find her is the ex-lover she runs from.  As the clock ticks, he realizes the ways in which she’s changed him.  Can John find Sarah before it’s too late?

DEFINITELY SOY short, George Zouvelos 

Definitely Soy (Def Soy) is a modern David and Goliath urban adaptation, whereas this trippy short is turned – and, unbeknownst to the viewer, David (NED) actor Louis Bacigalupo evolves into the young villain who perpetrates treachery on Goliath (HUGO) played by actor executive producer George Zouvelos, who plays a narcoleptic, disabled (deaf / mute), but benignly quite hulk.


THE DILDO FROM NANTUCKET                                                                        

documentary, Mike McGuirk

In 1979, the sealed up fireplace of a colonial Nantucket home was excavated. Found inside was a dildo dating back to a time when sexuality was institutionally repressed. The Dildo from Nantucket is a documentary film exploring the history of an object still creating controversy today.

NIKKI LIXscreenplay, Rose Schimm

A disillusioned A-list pop star tries to win the heart of an indie musician she met in rehab by singing songs to him on her concert tour and along the way rediscovers the artist she wanted to be before fame took over her life.


ON DEVIL’S GROUNDscreenplay, Micah Khan


Without warning, a group struggles to survive an encounter with a pack of unknown creature.


VOO dOO MACBETHscreenplay in development, Susan Robbins (Lee’s 88 Keys)

20 year old Orson Wells is hired during the depression to direct a theatrical production, as part of Roosevelt’s WPA program for negro actors in Harlem,NY in 1936.  Orson chooses MacBeth for this production and havoc breaks out for the cast and crew from both the white and black communities in protest. Welles attributes being discovered by hollywood, not from the making of Citizen Kane, rather because of this highly successful and controversial play, that history has forgotten.



documentary, filmmakers  Thomas Mercer, Anthony Vertucci                                 

Benedict Arnold was a great  champion of the cause for American Independence … until his country betrayed him.                 


THE MAN ON THE BENCH (Loose Wire) documentary, producer, Carol Swyer

The story of a man of vision, whose passion for the arts and community, had far reaching effects.  A builder in every sense of the word.




THE PERFECT UNION (Terminus Alarm), screenplay                                   

filmmakers Jon Russell Cring & Tracy Nichole Cring

Tomorrow, Melanie and Aaron are getting married in Upstate New York and their friends and family are gathered to help decorate the church.  Despite their differences, Gay – Straight, Christian – Muslim, Redneck – White Collar, everyone cooperates until a message is sent from a terrorist organization waging a cyber attack against the United States. This Perfect Union is a sci-fi reality which explores who we will decide to be when the lights go out.


documentary in development, filmmaker Howard Garbarsky

Jews escaping pogroms in the Pale become farmers in a new Promised Land, Upstate N.Y.


SCARED TO DEBT  America’s Student Loan Scam                                            

documentary, filmmaker Mike Camoin

The US Government set up a system of greed that is sending students, parents and colleges over the cliff.  Alan Collinge (60 Minutes, Rolling Stone, NY Times) is the whistle blower seeking to restore consumer protections removed from federal loans.   In his quest to convince Congress to restore consumer protections to a corrupt, inept  lending system,  Alan has attracted the most unlikely bedfellows.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Support Scared2debtdoc