5th Edition Film Talks

The FILMMAKERS LOUNGE and FILM TALKS are hosted in association with Film Columbia, a partner of The Northeast Filmmakers Lab whose mission is to empower emerging filmmakers to complete and present their projects by leveraging world-class industry expertise through a lab process.

FILM TALK 1 – SOCIAL MEDIA, MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION: Strategies to cultivate audience

SOCIAL MEDIA, MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION:  Social media is indispensable for content creators in this rapidly changing media landscape. It offers the most direct contact to audiences that filmmakers have ever had.  Industry experts will discuss successful marketing strategies in harnessing FB, Twitter and Instagram to attract and build audiences.

Industry panelists:  Justin Maine (Brewed in New York), Magic Wig Productions, Inc.; Christopher Schiller, filmmaker and entertainment attorney, columnist “Legally Speaking, It Depends” Script Magazine; moderator:  Michael J. Camoin (As You Are, We The Animals) founder of Northeast Filmmakers Lab.  Other industry panelists to join.


Sponsored by Northeast Filmmakers Lab & Film Schenectady



FILM TALK 2 – CONNECT.  CREATE.  COLLABORATE:  Valuable resources for staffing production.

There’s an old proverb in Africa, “It takes a village….”  Every movie is somebody’s baby and having the “right” crew is that important.  Special industry guest Joshua A. Friedman is a working Producer with a valuable story to share.  Mr. Friedman started as a Production Assistant (PA) over a decade ago on the show “Law & Order” where he literally wrote the book (Getting It Done: The Ultimate Production Assistant Guide: www.mwp.flexpub.com/crewmeup).  Years later Mr. Friedman joined the DGA as an Assistant Director.  Today, he produces independent films such as the recently released WARNING SHOT starring David Spade, James Earl Jones, Tammy Blanchard, and Bruce Dern.  Crewing up doesn’t have to be hard and doesn’t have to be stressful.  Friedman has launched a mobile app, Crew Me Up, to connect filmmakers in the future.  He and other industry experts will share tools and secrets they use to Crew up their productions and help you complete yours.

Sponsored by CrewMeUp, Two Pints Productions & Northeast Filmmakers Lab