6th Edition – Lab Fellows & Projects



BACKGROUND BIKER – Feature Screenplay, Tracy Cring, Jon Russell Cring  (USA, New York)

John Lee Barksdale is a Biker and background Actor in films. He escaped a troubled past to build a family with a single mother and her son.


BEYOND ALL THE COLOURSDocumentary, Saiful Wadud Helal  (Canada)

Munea a self-taught artist and often dabbles with her identity in her artwork. She was struggling to tell her parents that she identifies as a queer femme person. Her Bangladesh born Canadian parents don’t know how to deal with it socially and at their family level. Then her filmmaker father decide to take this film journey with his daughter, and thus the The Journey ‘Beyond all the Colours’ begins. Beyond all the colours is a father daughter join celebration of their life & passion.


LATHER Feature Screenplay, Richard Lounello (USA, New York)

Brenda Butler has a problem. The soap opera she created “Lather” is the lowest rated show in the history of daytime television. With the threat of cancellation looming, Brenda decides, with the help of a lot of vodka martinis, to radically change the direction of the show.  Why not have a little fun on the way out?




THE LESSON PLAN Feature Screenplay, Jodi Levitan (USA, New York)

When teacher of the year Sarah Gordon is accused of sexual harassment by 15 year old student Mallory Leonards, she must fight to save her career and her life.

THE LIFE OF LILA New Media Screenplay, Olivia Novik, Michael McGurik  (USA, New York)

The true story of a New York City massage parlor girl
balancing her love life and mental health in pursuit of her own happy ending.




A MOTHER’S LOVEShort Screenplay, Victoria Diana (USA, New York)

A woman navigates the complicated and tumultuous relationship between her husband and his mother, who is dead, but has a lasting influence.


NOT YET Short Film, Thomas Lowery, Zoe Farmingdale  (USA, New York)

“Not Yet” addresses a struggle many of us have endured– celebrating a friend’s successes while feeling like you might be a failure. Tom’s directing keenly shows reality as it is while also uniquely portraying inner struggle. Zoe’s script aims to tell a story both universal and personal …that happens to feature a cast entirely comprised of women.

SUPA PREDATOR 2020 Feature Screenplay, Jo Blakk  (USA, Florida)

When his mother and father are murdered before his eyes as a child, “Lil Sack” is thrust into a life of crime and hyper violence.



TASTE Documentary/New Media, Kevin Longa  (USA, California)

Documentary filmmaker Kevin Longa uncovers the true stories of food entrepreneurs around the world.






TIGRESS Short Film, Maya Bastian  (Canada)

‘Tigress” is a short dramatic film that explores what happens when a young Tamil-Canadian woman comes face to face with an alternate reality, and begins questioning the life she was given.

TIGRESS explores the phenomena of militant rebellions.  It addresses the disparity between diaspora youth who rebel with drugs and partying, and the youth who rebel by arming themselves and going to war.


BENEDICT ARNOLD, HERO BETRAYEDDocumentary, Thomas Mercer, Anthony Vertucci  (USA, New York) 

Benedict Arnold was a great  champion of the cause for American Independence … until his country betrayed him.



THE BLACK SKY UNDER HARPER’S ROCK Short Film, Steve Cifarelli  (USA, New York)

A town searches for a girl who ran off in the night, but the only one who can find her is the ex-lover she runs from.  As the clock ticks, he realizes the ways in which she’s changed him.  Can John find Sarah before it’s too late?


SCARED TO DEBT  America’s Student Loan ScamDocumentary, Mike Camoin  (USA, New York)

Despite today’s headlines of privilege, scandal, greed, and blame, the story of student loan crisis remains hiding in plain sight.  The US Government set up a system of greed that is sending students, parents and colleges over the cliff.  SCARED TO DEBT is the documentary about the predatory lending system designed to indenture millions of Americans.   Link to teaser.