Board & Staff


Secretary – looking to fill



Mike Camoin, Director of the Northeast Filmmakers Lab.



Veronica Medina-Matzner, Liaison to Latin America



Eric Vollweiler – Marketing, sponsorship and promotion.



Tammy Reese – Publicist / Outreach



INDUSTRY ADVISORS (alphabetical)

Greg Aidala  Comic Relief, Entertainment Strategist

Janet Braga  Archives Partnership Trust Representative

Sam Coppola  International Entertainment Consultant

Carl Blackwood,  The Linda, WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio Rep*

Josh Friedman, Crew Me Up

Doug LeClaire  Shorts Consultant

Tracy Murray, Industry Marketing Consultant

Dmitry Pirkulov  International Consultant (Moscow)

Susan Robbins, Filmmaker
Brad Robinson, 2 Pint Productions
Michalina Scorzelli, Producer

Gary Smith  Business Community Advisor


* Founding Members include Norman Berns, Michael Camoin, Larry Jackson, Graeme McKenna (The Linda, WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio), Christopher Schiller.