Hero Betrayed

Do you love history and value our American heritage?

Please join the filmmakers of HERO BETRAYED:  Benedict Arnold.  With 95% of the film near completion, your donation will literally push this story over the finish line.   Join Arnold’s Army and preserve American history!

HERO BETRAYED has been workshopped by filmmaker Tom Mercer in the Northeast Filmmakers Lab hosted annually by the Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange, Inc (CCCE’s), a federal 501(c)3 not-for-profit.   CCCE is proud to serve as this project’s fiscal sponsor offering donors and foundations a charitable status and federal tax-deductible write-off. CCCE retains a 5% administrative fee for all donations.

To learn more details about the film, our progress, and where your donation will be allocated, click here. Varying levels of donations can result in additional benefits which are the sole-responsibility of the filmmakers. By clicking on the DONATE button below brings you directly to our Paypal charitable donation page.