Pitch Contest NEFL7









Congratulations to all participants in our first Pitch Contest. Our judges couldn’t narrow it down to just one, thus, they doubled their prizes and two standout presentations take home over $10,000 in production services.   Contestants were limited to 3 minutes, encouraged to make their pitch personal and impactful.   JOURNEY by Erika Hamilton and ABDUCTIVE REASONING by Leanne Robinson-Maine and Justin Maine  left our judges dazzled and wanting to know more!

While the HOW TO PITCH Keynote by Jake Kreuger concluded, you can order the most talked about 90 minute training replay here.   If you need assistance, contact NELF7.   

PITCH CONTEST – 1pm Sunday, November 15th – Virtually

Each presenter will have 3 MINUTES to PITCH their project.  This will be a VERBAL pitch (no PPT, no videos), just you and your story.  ONE winner will receive $10,000 in production services, including a script breakdown by a D.G.A. Asst Dir. Josh Friedman of Crew Me Up, legal consultation with FilmPro Finance Vinca Jarrett, a 4 week screenplay course with Jacob Krueger and more.  The winner will be announced by after a short break by the judges.

Judges include Josh Friedman, Flo Mitchell-Brown, Jacob Krueger.

How to prepare or how to fix your pitch?   Register for the Keynote Film Talk 1 on Nov 13, then come pitch your project.  Purchase the combo Film Talk 1 + Pitch Contest & $ave!

Here’s what you can learn from the Keynote:  HOW TO PITCH

  • What a producer, agent or manager is really looking for when they hear a pitch
  • How to succeed at pitching even if you’re shy!
  • The 3 keys to every successful pitch
  • How to avoid the 5 most common pitching mistakes
  • How to find pitchable elements even in a “low concept” or “character driven” project
  • How to find your hook and make producers salivate without “selling out!”
  • Unique pitching techniques specifically designed for NEFL’s 3 minute pitch contest (Nov 15th).