International Shorts

2017 Short Film Series

SHORT FILMS                         RUN TIME                       FILMMAKER                           FROM
GHOSTS OF NEW YORK         6m30s                             Brad Robinson *                      New York City 

Upon Jane’s return to the city, she begins seeing people she thinks she knows. ‘Ghosts of New York’ looks at the sometimes difficult task of letting go of the past.


IN THROUGH THE NIGHT     4m21s                               Josiah Cuneo *                         Brooklyn, NY


By recalling a childhood story, a world of daydreams and longing unfold against a quiet backdrop of the quotidian.


LILT                                             12m37s                            Josiah Cuneo *                        New York City


Daydreams of dancers flood the thoughts of a woman as she says goodbye.



JUST WORDS                              23m57s                          Ilia Antonenko                                Moscow

A policeman and his partner investigate a routine suicide.   After hearing a familiar voice from a victim’s cellphone, one must decide whether to break the law and moral principle.



PSYCHOSIS                            11m48s                          Dan Vantresca*                           Schenectady


A computer programmer suspects he’s being spied upon through his various digital devices.


SCALLYWAG                            2m40s                            Jason McCullough                            Los Angeles

A silly stop-motion adventure about a ship captain named Ohno and a plan to save her crew from the Evil Queen Millie, only nothing goes quite as planned.


STOP THE STIGMA                   9m36           Michael Turner*                                           Albany, NY
                                                                           Susie Griswold*


Summer Smith lost her battle with drug addiction. Today, her mother Kristen Hoin runs to raise awareness before an epidemic spreads.

REMEMBERING THE FUTURE        3m13s         Josiah Cuneo*                                  New York City


Movement becomes imaginary as the internal feelings of a beachgoer slowly unfold.



THE STAIN  (World Premiere)            9m19         Anthony Schubert*                               Los Angeles


One woman’s obsession leads her on a dark and strange journey.


* filmmaker present